Sample Engagements: Technology Project Rescue & Delivery

Payroll & Compensation Systems

Overview: A $3B division of a brokerage firm hired a large third party systems integrator to transition the payroll and commission calculation systems from their 30-year-old custom applications built on the AS400 to Salesforce / Workday / Callidus. After the system integrator completed a 10 month project, the project launched. Shortly after the go-live date, all brokers were getting paid incorrectly and could receive no reporting on their bills, collections and compensation. The third party system integrator made core errors both the data conversion and the process design. The situation was dire and risked the firm losing many of their top brokers. Unfortunately, there was no ability to transition back to the legacy systems and the only way to repair the system was to remediate the system and process while the system was in operation. We were engaged to lead the stabilization and full remediation of the technology.

Approach: We addressed the problem in 4 steps and the first 2 steps began immediately: Step 1 was to immediately analyze why the errors occurred from a technical, process and data perspective. Step 2 was to put a temporary broker support team in place so all brokers could contact a help desk to get compensation and billing information while the solution was being developed. Steps 1 and 2 were complete within the first 40 days of the project. Once the issues were identified, we re-implemented an upgraded solution in another 100 days to stabilize the system and fix the largest errors. Then step 4 focused on the roll-out of six monthly waves of upgrades through the remainder of the year.

Results: The system was stabilized in 5 months and fully repaired in 11 months. Part of the cost of the project was offset by a recovery from the third party system integrator.

Core ERP System

Overview: A $200M+ company custom built a technology solution to manage all areas of the HR outsourcing business. The solution was over 15-years-old and required a significant upgrade to meet growing client demand for increased and improved system functionality. After a multi-million dollar planned upgrade missed go-live dates for 2 years and overspent budgets by millions, Allele was hired to assist with the project.

Approach: A cross functional consulting team rapidly analyzed all technical and process areas of the solution. The analysis covered all technical areas included data infrastructure, code design, overall system architecture, network design, business process and project governance. The conclusion of the analysis was that that code design / architecture and the data infrastructure was so flawed that most of it had to be re-built if the company wanted to achieve its original objectives.

A client project team was built and Allele personnel led the engagement to build a new system with minimal opportunity to leverage the prior two year’s work.

Results: A new technology platform was successfully built from the ground up and delivered in 4 months with additional functionality deployed every other month. Within 6 months the company was operating its business on the new platform and within 12 months the new platform was stable and adopted by all major clients